SSIS How to copy files from one server to another

The common question is how to copy/move/delete files across shared folder using SSIS.
Quick answer is to use the File System Task for the actual file operations, but how about the permissions?
By default it assumes that the account the you’ll use to execute the package (SSIS) either the SQL Server Agent identity (using sql job) or account that executes DTExec have appropriate permissions on the source/destination server.

To get the identity of SQL Server Agent:

1. In the command prompt, type services.msc, this would open the list of all services on the server.

2.  In the list of services, look for SQL Server Agent, Right Click -> Properties. Go to Logon Tab

Using Proxy. If it’s other identity than the Agent:

1. In the Security -> Credentials -> Create new credentials (username and password)

2. then go to SQL Agent -> Proxies -> SSIS Package Execution -> Create a new Proxy and assign the credentials. Then on the sql job itself assign the Run as = proxy.

Using NET USE command, If you need to connect to multiple resources (shared folder) or doesn’t use SQL Server Agent.

Issue the NET USE command before the File System Task. Example syntax:

net use RPAULO\\SharedFolder /user:RPAULO\SSISUser p@assword

for NET USE command refrence, click here.