How to setup multi-region Azure API Management using Internal VNET configuration

If you’re looking answer for the following:

  • How to deploy Azure API Management to multiple regions?
  • How to setup Azure API management multi region with internal VNET configuration
  • How to configure Azure API management with Application Gateway

You’re in the right place.


APIM Setup

Azure components needed:

  1. 2 Traffic manager profiles. 1 for portal, 1 for gateway
  2. Application Gateway + WAF v2 (per region)
  3. Pubic IP Address for Application Gateway (per region)
  4. Certificates for portal and gateway
  5. DNS for portal and gateway
  6. Azure API Management Premium using Internal VNET configuration
  7. Virtual Network (per region)
  8. IP Address ranges (per VNET) this should be properly allocated to avoid conflict when joining this to internal network.



  1. Provision Azure API Management Premium instance.

Steps (below needs to be repeated for every region):

  1. Create VNET with 2 subnets. 1 for Application Gateway (AG) and 1 for APIM.
  2. Create public IP address (static)
  3. Follow instructions in using API management in internal configuration with application gateway (
  4. Configure the APIM Gateway Traffic manager to have an endpoint pointed the static public IP address of application gateway.


How traffic works with reference to Andrews post:


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